Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My stamina not as usual

Today is Tuesday, yesterday is Monday.. hahahaha.
Today i spending my day with:
  • Surfing the internet..
  • Studying ETR
  • Jogging
  • Sleeping
Those are the list of my activities that i did for today.
Surfing + studying + Sleeping = just skip about this activities, my routine.

I just want to share about "jogging" activity. At 4.45pm, i got a masej from Sir Kaf.. "bah jom" then i get my bottle and fill up with a warm water inside it. Actually we already planning going to jogging today last nite, then that's why i'm prepared earlier.

Then both of us move to Likas at 5.00pm, on our way going there the road quite jam.. erm.. "we will reach to our destination around 5.30pm" that is the words that lingers on my mind...
But it's ok, as long we are reach safely.

I was set in my mind to finish 5th round today. when we are reach at Likas's lake, both of us started our mission by walking + chit chat.. hahhaha, Then i make a decision to stop walking after walking around 20m presence. I started jogging leave Sir Kaf behind (coz he want to walk for 1 round before jogging).

1st round over, and starting the 2nd round.. Half of the lake's track, i feel pain at my stomach and make me can't continue my jogging with a speed as before. But, i keep continue my running and i'm stop after finished the 3rd round.

Seem my stamina not tough as usual.. Then i take a rest by sitting on the grass there..
So tired..

For 1 day, if more than that??

Yesterday is the day that i don't like ever..


You wanna know something about me?? here we go..
I'm kind of people that easily get bored when didn't have a chance to do my routine's activities, is that weird?? Don't think so.. hehehe..

I was planned what i'm gonna to do for my day of yesterday. Lets me list out what was i planned.
  1. At the morning, my frens and I wanna do "study group" but i didn't receive any sms bout that. That means that planning is cancel. if it is happen, I'll spend my time in JPK's Room form the morning till nite. But it is not as planned, then I'm nothing to do for yesterday (not planning yet).
  2. Surfing internet (while studying), just because the study group is cancel then my activity of surfing the internet also the same. But it's OK, because i can do that in my room.

But, what the thing that I can't accept yesterday is the server of uitm was "down".. For whole day, i don't know what the things that going to fill my day.. Was thinking, "studying", "movie", "outing", "sleeping" or "just doing nothing"... That is what I'm was think to do. But non of that can attract my mind.

Luckily, I've a fren that got his own broadband. Then, i was borrow it's laptop to surf the internet. Huh.. At least i did what I'm damn want to do even just for a while..

I can't think what will happened to me if that day will continue for 2 more days or more than that.. Argggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh..

That is only for 1 day, if more than that?? I can't answer that Q, either to imagine that damn days.