Monday, November 2, 2009

Raining with a massages

I was woke up at 3.00am today, some of u mayB in puzzle of why me wake up too early rite?? For sure, the reason 4 that is to study + Facebook + "Solat Subuh" + daydream ( but i'm not planing to wake up at this time actually).

The 1st thing that i do while i'm wake up is, checking up my Cafe World (glad that 3 of my menu was cooked that make my level up to level19), 2nd checking my hp's inbox massages (a lot of massages from FB and from 2 girls)..

Raining with a massages just now, so tired to read it all....... huh .........

1st girl: she said that she admire with me
2nd girl: wanna be my GF and call me "syg" rite now.

hahahahaha, i don't know where they got my hp no. But i don't care bout that as long it is doesn't effect my safety. Anyway, i just hope that i can dealing with them and will not make anyone get disappointed with what i'm gonna do..