Sunday, November 1, 2009

What happened??

Today my frens(jumar, fifie and jalie) and me planning to study in the JPK's Room whole day. Then at 12.30pm as planned, we are going to the JPK's Room together with the laptop and notes book for studying.

In the JPK's Room, I was started my studying process with serving the internet. U know for what?? As usual, take care of my Cafe World and my FarmVille.. See, how come i can focus on my study if i pay attention with those games.. Hahahahaha..

Now almost 6.30pm, we are planning to having our dinner in IP together with Cipan. So far, i just cover model 1-6 of 15 for ETR subject and 2 chapter of 8 chapter from Biology subject. hehehehe. Still got a lot to be covered. Soon i'll.

Anyway, the internet connection in here damn slow. My cafe World page still loading, i wonder what happen with my cooked menu.. Argggghh, hopefully it's still in a good condition. hahaha, i worrying on the things that should not be worried with. What the **** i'm.

That's all for now, my stomach needs something to be ate rite now.. Will go out for having our dinner soon. Bye

About me

last night i'm too excited doing a slide show about myself.. almost 6 hours it's takes to be done and finally my effort is repay.
Here we go...