Saturday, October 31, 2009

Diriku yang baru

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua.. dah berapa lama saya tak update blog nee?? erm, saya pun dah lupa. bukannya tak nak, tapi masa dan waktu yang tidak mengizinkan. apa nak buat kan, lets we did what we have to do first..

Lets the important one come first.. That kind of principe that stop me to do so, sounds like serious rite?? hahahaha.

ok here we go.. Almost 3 years i'm spending my time studying in UiTM Sabah, i have received a comment from my frens that i've interviewed before. They are said that "i'm slightly different now compare to the 1st time they are met me", but i'm glad that no -ve comments i heard (i don't know if they are talk behind, who knows?). But it's ok, as long i believed on myself.

i learn a lot from my diploma life in here.. i thought:
  1. How to be such a good fren
  2. How to dress up
  3. How to be leader
  4. How to deal with university's life
  5. How to play Facebook, Tagged, Friendster, Blogger and all kind of IT knowledge.
erm.. no more idea to be wrote for u all read up.. so sad, mayB coz of the time for me and my brain take a rest. Almost 1.30am rite now.. ok see u all on the next story.. Gambate for those who are having a exam..

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